August 16, 2020

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Talking Point: Are You Prepared To Spend $70 On The Latest Games?

It wouldn’t be the first time.

It might not feel like it–especially with the avalanche of titles across all platforms constantly threatening to whittle our bank balance to zero given the chance–but video games remain one of the best value forms of entertainment going. Bloated summer blockbusters might deliver three hours of entertainment for the price of a movie ticket (remember those?), but even a modest gaming investment blows Hollywood’s latest out of the water as a sheer value proposition.

Downloading classic literature for free online is the only thing that comes to mind which can rival gaming in value-for-money terms. However, Humble Bundles and other pay-what-you-like collections (like the remarkable Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality which included over 1700 games) mean that Austen, Dickens, Twain and the rest of human history’s finest out-of-copyright authors arguably find themselves displaced by digital libraries of legitimately-obtained video games.

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