August 13, 2020

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Footage of reportedly unreleased Sucker Punch stealth title Prophecy leaks online

If you were curious to know what developer Sucker Punch was up to between the release of Infamous: Second Son and the recent Ghost of Tsushima, then a newly discovered video – reportedly featuring footage from a cancelled stealth-action effort known as Prophecy – might just have the answer you were looking for.

The newly surfaced footage features a slick-looking 11-minutes of third-person gameplay in which our hero, Abel Tvorah, attempts to evade the local city guard through a squalid and wonderfully moody port-side locale, utilising a combination of stealth and blade-based melee combat along the way. There’s a touch of alchemical magic, and a couple of cinematic sequences, and the whole thing has an air of Assassin’s Creed by way of Dishonored.

The mysterious 11-minute sequence is topped by a Sucker Punch logo and a tailed by a title card revealing the work-in-progress (and presumably now-canned) game to be called Prophecy, with its leaked file name suggesting it was a vertical slice created by the studio some time in 2015 – around a year after Second Son’s release.

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