January 27, 2021

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Some of the best games of the year didn't come out in 2020

Editor’s note: Take a breath. We’re almost there. 2020’s been quite the year, and it’s...

Editor’s note: Take a breath. We’re almost there. 2020’s been quite the year, and it’s very nearly over. Across the festive break, members of the Eurogamer team and our contributors will be running down their personal top five games of 2020, before we announce our game of the year – and before, of course, we hand over to you for the annual Reader’s Top 50. Thanks for being with us this year, and see you on the other side.

I love the ring in Ring Fit Adventure: the way it pulses when positioned correctly for a move; hitting the sweet spot, feeling it tug like a bump in the air. I love the tremble and buzz as you pull hard for a Bow Pull, or go low for a Squat (or a Wide Squat, or a Knee Lift Combo which feels suspiciously like a Squat). I love the main theme, and the track that sounds like Kylie. I love that the linear stages feel a bit Sonic with all their springs and jumps, and I love the first level’s beat-drop as you burst into a vivid colourscape. From leader board competitions against friends (200 on Endless Deltoids!) to the custom workouts I made after injuring my Achilles (fuck you barefoot trainers!) Ring Fit has been a 2020 constant. And I never would have played it if the gyms hadn’t closed in Lockdown.

I’m one of those who secretly quite enjoyed Lockdown 1. I work in a hospital, so decided to move out of the house for a few months. This worked out fine, because I’d get a social fix from work – suddenly and strangely the most communal place in Birmingham – then I’d have my days off to do as I pleased and play Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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