January 19, 2021

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Out Now: ‘XCOM 2 Collection’, ‘Space Marshals 3’, ‘My Memory Of Us’, ‘Lamplight City’, ‘Iris and the Giant’, ‘Shadow Fight Arena’, ‘Sine the Game’ and More

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each...

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


Astrogon (Free)

iTunes Description

ASTROGON is a dynamic arcade game in an intergalactic synthwave universe.
Its gameplay, colors, graphics, creative mode and music make Astrogon a one-of-a-kind game! Easy to learn, we have fun from the first seconds, but challenging to master like a boss!

Forum Thread: Astrogon (by KOSMOON STUDIO)

Bam Boost (Free)

iTunes Description

Bump other players and try to be the first of this epic run !
You won’t want to leave this pixel environment which is full of crazy characters.

Forum Thread: Bam Boost (by Laurent Bakowski)

CheetahBoo Bubble Shooting (Free)

iTunes Description

New friends from other galaxies, as well as Armii and Hamdong!
Who will be the friend that will crush the enemies by CheetahBoo’s side? Let’s Choose

Forum Thread: CheetahBoo Bubble Shooting (by MACOVILL)

Cheetahboo Super Dash (Free)

iTunes Description

You will witness the sudden tremendous power of Cheetahboo as he travels down the underground world,
as you avoid and smash the obstacles with the power of Cheetahboo and travel through the underground world. Let’s go together! It’s so perfectly fun!

Forum Thread: Cheetahboo Super Dash (by MACOVILL)

ChocoHunters – The Enchanted Pirate King ($2.99)

iTunes Description

ChocoHunters is a defensive ShootEmUp Action Adventure exclusively developed for Mobile devices.

In a world where pirates ruled the great seas, and chocolate was more valuable than gold, a legendary tale was born. Three heroes rise up to become one of the greatest pirate legends of their time. They were known as ChocoHunters. They hunt for a legendary treasure. The lore of an imaginary land. Become one of these heroes and conquer the world of ChocoHunters. Embark on great adventures and try to become the greatest ChocoHunter of all times.

Forum Thread: ChocoHunters – The Enchanted Pirate King (by Orhan Keskin)

Equestriad World Tour (Free)

iTunes Description

Equestriad World Tour is a family-friendly experience that delivers a fun, realistic portrayal of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport of exciting show-jumping, cross-country & dressage competitions. From your own country estate, we guide players through the basics of equine riding mastery. Once you have mastered certain equine skills in qualifying events, you will progress to the officially licensed 5* star Badminton, Burghley and Kentucky horse trial events as well as the Australian International 3DE event, where you will be evaluated on timing, control and even rider and horse appearance.

Forum Thread: Equestriad World Tour (by GoGallop Studios)

Hear the Picture (Free)

iTunes Description

This is an English word guessing game with a new, fun and crazy game rule that can challenge your English ability.

Forum Thread: Hear the Picture (by Tai Dau)

Hode The Line (Free)

iTunes Description

Hode The Line is a new Strategy game where you get to defend your castle against WAVES of monsters. Simply build your army and defend your Castle. Every type of Character you recruit to fight on the battlefield have their own unique features and this is the same for the Monsters. Come up with ideas and tactics to hold the enemy and keep them away from your Castle.

Forum Thread: Hode The Line (by Little Goblin Studios)

Iris and the Giant ($3.99)

iTunes Description

Iris and the Giant is a fusion of a collectible card game with RPG and roguelike elements. You play as Iris, who must brave her fears in her imaginary world. Behind the game’s unique minimalist art style players will explore a touching story of a young woman facing her inner demons and soothing the raging giant inside.

Forum Thread: Iris and the Giant (by Plug In Digital)

Lamplight City ($4.99)

iTunes Description

A steampunk-ish detective adventure from the creator of A Golden Wake and Shardlight! Can private investigator Miles Fordham find justice for his clients and track down his partner’s killer before his entire world comes apart?

Forum Thread: Lamplight City (by Grundislav Games)

Machinal Instinct (Free)

iTunes Description

Fight your way to the top of the food chain, and watch your enemies become the prey!

Machinal Instinct is a fast-paced fighting game, set in a world where animals pilot powerful mechs to compete against each other in a worldwide tournament.

Forum Thread: Machinal Instinct (by Pomelo Games)

My Memory Of Us ($4.99)

iTunes Description

The Evil King plunders the city and his robot soldiers appear everywhere. Citizens are segregated, some of them marked and forced to move out of their homes. They are made to live in a place that is sealed off from the rest of the city by a huge wall. Fortunately, the children are not alone – they have each other. Their friendship allows them to stay together, even though fate tries to tear them apart.

Forum Thread: My Memory Of Us (by Virtual Programming)

Pancak3r ($1.99)

iTunes Description

CAUTION HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Stack the pancakes as high as you can but be careful, one wrong move can make the whole tower topple down. A super addicting game that will have you trying, again and again, to get the best score possible. The best thing since Tetris. New skins are available now!

Forum Thread: Pancak3r (by Hugh Trotter)

Piggy Button (Free)

iTunes Description

Help Piggy to escape the fate of becoming a sausage! Her magic medallion of invisibility is fading. The only way to boost it is by harvesting colourful buttons. As Piggy is currently in hiding, she needs someone to aid her with this task. Will that be you?

Forum Thread: Piggy Button – Merge & Charge (by HellYeah!)


iTunes Description

PUSHOT is a puzzle game that requires you to control the character move around the board to clear blocks as many as you can before you are conquered by those stubborn blocks. In order to survive longer, you need not only good reflex, but also strategic mind to move the blocks carefully so you can chain combos to free the board faster!

Forum Thread: PUSHOT (By ZHEN CHYEN)

Shadow Fight Arena (Free)

iTunes Description

In Shadow Fight Arena, you create a dream team of 3 fighters to defeat the opponent’s team.
All heroes have unique upgradeable abilities that interact with each other and can be leveled up.
Choose the right fighter to counteract the enemy’s tactic and win the battle!

Forum Thread: Shadow Fight Arena (by Nekki Limited)

Sheep Squad (Free)

iTunes Description

Combining artillery and arrow shooting with intense action platforming, this game is guaranteed to keep you on your toes while you make new friends and battle your way to victory.

Forum Thread: Sheep Squad (by Pixel Squad Limited)

Shredded Streets (Free)

iTunes Description

Introducing Shredded Streets.

Show off your moves in this super addictive skateboarding game!

Forum Thread: Shredded Streets (by Astro Hound)

Sine the Game ($2.99)

iTunes Description

Sine is a competitive arcade game with unique mechanics and compelling visuals. You control a sine wave, avoiding obstacles, racing to the finish, and collecting orbs scattered throughout levels ranging from simple to painfully difficult. The intuitive one-finger controls are easy to learn, but hard to master.

Forum Thread: Sine the Game (by Lonely Vertex)

Space Marshals 3 (Free)

iTunes Description

Join the rowdy Space Marshal crew on their latest misadventure in outer space. Strap those boots on, gear up and get ready to hunt space crooks!

This is a story driven action game with an emphasis on stealth and tactical combat. It continues the quirky story from the prequels, but you don’t need any previous knowledge to enjoy this one.

Forum Thread: Space Marshals 3 (by Pixelbite)

SudoKoi – Sudoku & Killer (Free)

iTunes Description

SudoKoi has everything you would expect from a Sudoku game. Choose from up to five difficulty ratings and play up to nine Sudokus simultaneously. Enter notes and keep track of candidates. Highlight numbers, check for errors and undo your last action. What it does not come with is anything you do not need like distracting animations, annoying sound effects or ads.

Forum Thread: SudoKoi – Sudoku & Killer (by Fabian Kreiser)

TERA: Endless War (Free)

iTunes Description

The best strategy game with hexagon tile maps, and large-scale battles!

[Heroes of TERA at your command!]
Players can recruit legendary heroes from the world of TERA
to protect Arborea from the Argon invasion.
“You are the savior of Arborea. You must believe in the heroes and your instincts.”

Forum Thread: TERA: Endless War (by JOYCITY)

US Football: Super Watch Match (Free)

iTunes Description

Be the MVP in tonight match. Play US football on your watch or phone:
* Tap to change direction.
* Bump in your opponents as a true warrior.
* Kick the ball curve through the gooooal!!!
See ya on the field. GET THE GAME NOW

Forum Thread: US Football: super watch match (by GOSIHA)

VegDun: Rogue Arcade Shooter (Free)

iTunes Description

VegDun is about making the most fun of every moment, whether you are on a bus ride, lunch time at work or relaxing at home. You will enjoy this top-down shooter with many challenging level. As you play each level, you may experience a different level, because the same level will behave differently each time! Download it, Enjoy it.

Forum Thread: VegDun: Rogue Arcade Shooter (By Alireza Loghmani)

Wannabe Challenge (Free)

iTunes Description

I, a prominent fashion model, hereby declare to run away from home!
But before I can even move out, 4 strange men appear in my life!
How will this unexpected rendezvous with 4 guys unravel?

Forum Thread: WANNABE CHALLENGE (by Com2uS Corp.)

XCOM 2 Collection ($24.99)

iTunes Description

Aliens rule Earth with a new order promising a brilliant future for those who conform, while silencing all those who do not. At the edges of the world, the scattered forces of XCOM gather to defend humanity, ignite a global resistance, and reclaim the planet.

Bring down the alien regime from your iPad or iPhone with the XCOM 2 Collection; the complete experience of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and four DLC packs in a single package with no in-app purchases.

Forum Thread: XCOM 2 Collection (by Feral Interactive Ltd)

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